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Mural Created 15th June 2013


Halloween Do 2012

Halloween 2012

Beach Part Celebs 2012

Beach Party Celebs 2012

Legion Booze Cruise 2012
(Big thanks to Joe for organising, what a great day!)

Legion Booze Cruise 2012

Beach Party 2012

Beach Party 2012

Shazam 2012

Shazam 2012

Halloween Do 2011

Halloween Do 2011

Summer Skittles Presentation 2011

Summer Skittles Presentation 2011

Beach Party August 13th 2011

Beach Party August 2011

St Valentines night with Paul Foster and Rock n Roll night

 with Billy Fury and Shakin Stevens. (Pip, it wasn't the real

Feb 2011

Valentines & Rock n Roll Nights. Feb 2011

Halloween Party October 2010


Summer Skittles Presentation October 2010


Beach Party August 2010

 Enter the gateway to paradise Island. (Watch out for the Pirate Ghost)

 No, don't be daft, that's not the ghost(white enough though). But keep looking!!!

The crowds had to be held back until the doors officially opened. Only those lucky enough to get hold of a ticket would get in to the biggest party of the season! (we're not talking Ibiza ere, dis is da Beach Party init!!)
(What Ghost Pirate)

Lets start the evening nice n gentle, the night is long!


Wrong party? Zombies usually do the Halloween Party. (see below)

(Pirate Ghost, maybe-maybe not!)

And bit by bit, the rhythm rolled out across the dance floor as a tropical fever spread throughout the evening. (may have been the pickled onions)

Cocktails, Competitions, Beach Balls n Pretty Girls.

What with all this Ibiza nonsense, we nearly forgot about the Pirate Ghost, but as we all know, there is no such thing as Ghosts.             

Is There?